Event content
that matters to your attendees

A successful content strategy delivers the content attendees want;
When and where they need it.

Digital signage is so much more than a JPEG or PowerPoint on a screen. Digital signage grabs attention as a source for information, and makes sure it displays useful content that your attendees want to see. The way you convey your company’s value propositions throughout your event will determine the connection your attendees make to your brand. Attendees today are looking for personalized and consistent experiences.

Creating a solid content strategy can elicit an emotional connection to your brand at every touchpoint.

Your strategy should ensure your event content is an extension of your company’s sales and marketing messaging, while aligning with your overall company goals.

Through our etech Studios division, we offer a consultative approach to helping you create a solid content strategy for your event. One of our content consultants will take you through a thorough process to create the best content for your event.

LED wall made up of 16 screens in the Teradata Buzzlounge

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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Our Content Strategy Process: