Building a strong digital strategy
to maximize your message

You have heard the old adage “location, location, location”. Never has this been more applicable than with digital signage.

In a recent Nielsen Survey, 68% of respondents said that digital messages influenced their decision process.

In order to be influenced they must see the message.

This is where the problem lies. Many digital sign companies focus on the equipment as the driving factor for a successful digital installation, while neglecting to put together a solid digital strategy.

This leads to poorly placed displays that don’t allow you to maximize your content or reach.

etech takes a different approach. We put strategy first.

The best part is that we do not even sell displays, so you will always get an unbiased opinion of the best areas in which to place your signage.

More about our approach

Our Solution includes:

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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etech has a proven multi-step comprehensive process to ensure we can deliver a solid digital strategy for your facility.
The steps in the process include:


  • Discuss Venue Goals

  • Business Objectives

  • Discuss Client Goals

  • Review Current Clients

  • Size, Industries, % Repeating

  • Review Current Processes

  • Traffic Flow

Review Current Environment

  • Display Life Cycle

  • Number of Displays

  • Current Technical Set-up

  • Identify any Third-Party Applications

  • Placement of Current Equipment

  • Best Placement for Optimizing Aspect Ratios

  • Future Expansion of System

  • Traffic Flow Analysis

  • Height Placement

IT Review

  • Connectivity

  • Bandwidth

  • Networking Policies

  • Electrical Policies

  • Identify Needed APIs

Identify Potential Revenue Sources

  • Advertising Sponsors

  • Advertising Local Businesses

  • Create Digital Sponsorship Packages

  • Selling Content

  • Selling Digital Signage

  • Create Digital Packages for Event Organizers

Types of Signage

  • Wayfinding

  • Smart Agendas

  • Informational

  • Branding

  • Sponsorship

Digital Signage Design

  • Establish Design Guidelines

  • Submission and Approval Process

  • Acceptable File Formats

  • Create Templates


  • Outline What Content is Appropriate

  • Restrictions on Content

  • Static or Moving

  • Video Feeds

  • Proper Placement of Audio


  • Sales Team

  • Marketing Team

  • Technical Team


  • Create Pilot

  • Test all System Components on the Network

  • Configure Third-Party Applications

  • Ensure all APIs work

  • Test Layouts