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Digital signage designed for the events industry

Digital signage is evolving and becoming an integral part of most events. Digital signage means something different to everyone and is often underutilized throughout the event, that is why it is important to partner with someone who can help you create a solid digital strategy for your event.

There is more to digital signage than just putting your traditional printed sign or banners on a screen. Digital signage allows you to effectively communicate timely, relevant information to the attendees when they need it.

LED Wall composed of 16 smart screens for lounge area at conference
Three people standing next to large LED wall with branding

Digital Branding

Tired of the same old static, printed sign at your event year after year?

It’s time to take your event branding to the next level. Gone are the days of lengthy proofing processes, long production times and reprints.

Using digital branding makes your event branding more efficient and dynamic by adding digital elements such as motion graphics and allowing for additions and changes in real-time, in many cases more cost effectively than traditional printing.

Multiple session room digital signs with session information

Session Room Signage

Keep your event cutting edge, opt for digital displays over the old cardboard session room signage.

Digital session signage will grab the attention of your attendees and as a bonus it is great real estate for sponsors.

Get up to the minute information through an API connected directly to your registration system.

Color splash LED Archway with people walking through

LED Structures

Bring your content and visual to life with high impact LED structures. LED structures allow you to have seamless visuals with clear brilliant color.

Historically LED structures were not widely used due to affordability. Thanks to advances in technology, LED structures have dropped significantly, making it a much more affordable solution for your event. etech can help you create LED structures that fit in with your overall branding strategy and budget.

Session Overflow attendees with headphones on listening to Speaker


Whether your goal is to increase sponsor revenue, drive attendees to exhibitor booths or just have them make a deeper connection with your brand, etech can help you create a gamification strategy that gets your attendees engaged in a fun immersive environment designed to influence their actions.

Interactive wayfinding map at RSA Conference

Interactive Wayfinding

Well thought out Wayfinding improves the overall attendee experience by eliminating confusion and reducing stress.

Whether you are looking for a floor display or a mobile navigation solution, etech’s Wayfinding solution allows your attendees to navigate your event with detailed directions and preferred routes within a specific venue or across multiple venues.

etech creates a custom interactive solution for each event and venue, allowing your attendees to experience everything your event has to offer.

Two people searching for sessions on six digital displays on agenda wall

Digital Agenda Walls

You have printed the agenda, the session is running late or worse yet, there is a substantial change such as the room moved. What now? Do you print an update, do you cross out the information on the signs and hand write the update?  

Neither if you are using etech’s digital agendas.

Our digital agendas will connect directly with your registration system, allowing updates to be seen in real-time. Another benefit of the digital agenda is the ability to build in logic that turns your information into a “smart” agenda programmed to automatically update the agenda with current information for what is happening now. 

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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Some popular uses for digital signage at your event include:

Digital Signage

  • Dynamic Event Navigation

  • Wayfinding Signage

  • Data Integration – Social Media, Registration System, Audio, Video

  • Live Streaming

  • Smart Agenda

  • Interactive Content

  • Survey Stations

Digital Branding

  • Digital Meter Boards

  • Backlit Video Walls

  • Abstract Video Walls

  • LED Archways

  • LED Walls