Event sponsorships that get attention

Give your Sponsors more than a logo on a screen

As technology has advanced, so has the needs and expectations of event sponsors. They are always looking for new ways in which to connect your attendees to their brand. By utilizing etech’s ShowCommand you now have the ability to create a digital ad network allowing your sponsors to deliver targeted messaging.

etech sponsored large digital screen at EVENTtech BYTES with crowd

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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Some key advantages of utilizing digital signage for your sponsors are:

  • Right message based on sequence of events. Strategic placement of targeted messages, examples of placement are before breakouts, after breakouts, before, during or after presentation.

  • Streaming video and audio delivered to specific breakouts based on content of the breakout that may coincide with the products or services of a particular sponsor

  • Curated content delivered to any connected device, such as digital signs, video walls, interactive touchscreens or LED structures.

  • Create integrated advertising and marketing campaign for their sponsors directed to their target audience.

  • Ability to utilize interactive media such as interview stations, and live feeds to targeted audiences.

  • Brand takeover to allow a sponsor to take over all available screens to maximize their exposure.